What is your educational philosophy?

What is your educational philosophy?

— Eric Marshall

The prevailing philosophy is to get a college degree so you can get a good job. It’s simple. It’s easy to implement. It’s expensive. It’s fully endorsed by the governments of the world.

But will it serve your family well?

I was indoctrinated by 20 years of formal schooling. My parents had the best intentions. But I am still unlearning what I was taught. I’m also learning through my mistakes. I’ve had interesting conversations with my adult children about how they plan to educate their children based on my (sometimes misguided) attempts to educate them. As an example, here is my current educational philosophy.

An educated person:

  • is curious and pursues his curiosities
  • is able to discover knowledge
  • perceives how people think and things work
  • learns from his mistakes
  • can think and act independently
  • has the wisdom to apply knowledge and understanding to his life
  • can communicate his thoughts, and
  • never quits learning.

Your educational philosophy will guide your methods in educating your family. There is no single method for achieving a good education.

Certainly, formal schooling can have a place in my educational philosophy. But it is not necessary.”

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