The Uber of the future…

The New Future, June 2017

One clear trend that will develop rapidly are shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs). Companies are beginning to spring up with the intention of managing fleets of autonomous vehicles that are able to essentially run 24 hours a day.

These SAVs will be on demand and available through a simple smartphone application, just like how on-demand transportation services like Uber and Lyft are available today.

Uber and Lyft were so simple yet revolutionary to the traditional taxi industry. Passengers could receive much better service, newer and cleaner vehicles to ride in, and lower prices as compared to traditional taxis.

And when the driver is removed, on-demand transportation services will become dramatically cheaper.

Based on an analysis performed on taxis versus SAVs in a market like Manhattan, the average cost for a yellow taxi is $5 per mile driven versus a projected $0.50 per mile driven for an SAV. That is an incredible 90% cheaper from where they currently are today.

In fact, I envision a future where these kinds of services will be provided for free in exchange for opting in to advertising or commerce opportunities.

In 2016, Google generated more than $79 billion of revenue just from advertising on the internet. This is 88% of Google’s total revenues.

I believe it can do the same thing with SAVs.

And the impact on the world caused by SAVs will be profound. A recent study showed that one SAV could replace nine conventional vehicles. Think about that. Even with a growing population, the number of cars on the road will dramatically decrease.

What will this mean? In short, less traffic, less congestion, and fewer emissions.”

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