Three Questions …

Seven stages of money maturity p. 154

Plenty of Money: you have all the money you need, now and in the future. What will you do with it? From this moment forward, how will you live your life?

Just a Few Years Left: you have just come back from a visit to a doctor who has discovered from your lab reports that you have only five to ten years to live. In a way you are lucky. This particular disease has no manifestations, so you won’t feel sick. The bad part is that you will have no warning about the moment of your death. It will simply come upon you in an unpredictable instant, sudden and final. … Knowing that death is waiting for you sooner than you expected, how will you change your life? And what will you do in the uncertain but substantial period you have remaining?

Twenty-Four Hours to go: Again you’ve gone to the doctor, but this time you learn you’ll be dead within twenty-four hours. The question isn’t what you would do with the little time you have. Instead, ask yourself, ‘What feelings am I experiencing? What regrets, what longings, what deep and now unfulfilled dreams? What do I wish I had completed, been, had, done in this life that is just about to end?’ “

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