Charlie Munger on what he wants for his legacy…

You don’t want to be like the man who, when they have his funeral and the minister says, “Now is there anyone here who has something nice to say about the deceased?” and nobody comes forward.

“Surely somebody has something nice to say about the deceased,” the minister asks again.

Nobody came forward.

Finally, one man came forward, and he said: “Well, his brother was worse.”

Charlie Munger on “Worldly Wisdom”

— From ‘Investing: The Last Liberal Art’ P. 11

Worldly Wisdom is mostly very, very simple. There are a relatively small number of disciplines and a relatively small number of truly big ideas. And it’s a lot of fun to figure out. Even better, the fun never stops. Furthermore, there’s a lot of money in it, as I can testify from my own personal experience.

What I am urging on you is not that hard to do. And the rewards are awesome. … It’ll help you in business. It’ll help you in life. And it’ll help you in love. … It makes you better able to serve others, it makes you better able to serve yourself, and it makes life more fun.”

Charlie Munger On multi-disciplinary learning…

You have to know the big ideas in all the disciplines to be safe if you have a life lived outside a cave”

“Frequently the problem in front of you is solvable if you reach outside the discipline. The idea is just over the fence. But if you’re trained to stay within the fence you won’t find it. I’ve done that so much of my life, it’s almost embarrassing. It makes me seem arrogant because I will frequently reach into the other guys discipline and come up with an idea he misses.. I do not observe professional boundaries”