It’s always time we run out of…

It’s always time we run out of…

We meant to save for our retirement… We meant to stop eating so much… We meant to spend more time with our parents when they were still alive, or more time with our children when they were still little.

But we didn’t have enough time. We ran out of it.

It’s always time, not money. The richest person in the world runs out of time, just like we do.

We meant to say something to someone we cared about… but time got away from us.

We would have… we should have… we could have… But each time, we ran out of time.

Time is what gets us all. We run out of it. Everyone is running out of time. And it can’t be stretched. It can’t be printed. It can’t be saved up, stitched up, or revved up.

It waits for nobody and no thing. And all we are left with are regrets.

We wish we had used our time better. We wish we had begun saving for our retirement earlier. We wish we had taken the time to learn Spanish or how to play the piano…”

— Bill Bonner
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