Commercial aircraft pretty much fly themselves…

— The New Future, June 2017

A pilot of a Boeing 777 spends just about seven minutes actually flying the plane on a typical flight. The pilots of an Airbus airplane spend only about three and a half minutes due to even further automation. On a three-hour flight, that equates to less than 2% of the flight time being piloted by a human and 98% being fully autonomous.

There is a good reason for that, too.

In the case of commercial aircraft accidents, about 85% are caused by human performance problems. The current generation of autonomous aircraft have 0.17 fatal accidents per every 1 million flight cycles. This compares to the first generation of aircraft, which has an accident rate of 4.03 fatal accidents per million flight cycles.

The application of autonomous flight technology reduced the aircraft accident rate by more than 95%.”

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